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“This might be a little bit of an obvious thing–since so many others have said it, but I love the RP I’ve found on the server, right from Day 1. It’s a really great community that’s given me more confidence in my own abilities than my own friend circle ever has.
That and the new lore. It’s pretty unique. <3” -TwistingBluebird

ArkRP Server

“My Friends!!! I’ve made so many and there are always more to add! I love the bugs, the glitches, the frustration, the successes and triumphs over said glitches, The Aha! moment when the solution is found! Smite me Murphy I love this server and the rp that happens here ” – Chainpulled85

ArkRP Server

“The passion of everyone. Whether we disagree or agree on things, we should take a step back and be grateful for the amount of people who want to see ArkRE flourish.” – Ordrak

ArkRP Server

“A sense of family, friendship.

I usual find myself as the most ignored one of a friend group. I’m used to no one listening, or just saying something and end up embarrassing myself. But on ArkRP, I was able to find a community where at least someone would listen, and soon I had found my own little niche that I could escape this ghost I portray and have fun, share a laugh or two. ArkRP is a community I feel comfortable in, a place I see as an escape from my troubles. It’s because of that, I owe everyone here so much, I can’t even begin to describe.

What I like about ArkRP most is that it has a soul, one formed from the creativity and goodness in others. It’s something we all share but sometimes take for granted.” -LovelyHunk

ArkRP Server

“For me, it’s the fun and crazy people I meet when wondering about the lands, and I adore TeamSpeak, there are some wonderful and crazy people on there <3 I adore just coming on and having a wonderful time, if I’m sad or feeling blue, all I need to do is get online and I’m laughing within the hour! This place is so accepting of differences, it is fantastic and liberating to come to a place where you can just be yourself and not have to worry about what others think because no one thinks bad of you or ostracises you for not understanding a joke. There are so many people that I have met that don’t care if I have Aspergers and say stupid stuff or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, it gets laughed off or explained to me. This is a unique place for that. I haven’t found anything or any group like it in the ‘real world’ and I truly treasure each and everyone I have met here.” -DustVixen

ArkRP Server

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Being together as part of a community is important to all our server owners. Roleplay Evolved treasures not only the owners themselves but the players that come from and mingle with our own RE membership. Joining Roleplay Evolved means joining not only a network of servers, but a family of dedicated role-players.


Living up to our founders expectations is something that we strive to never give up. Sustainability in design, concept and of course engagement is a paramount part of what makes Roleplay Evolved amazing. We have and will always continue to refine our overall and individual server rulesets and whitelists to not only make the process easier for new users, but continue to make the process sustainable and constructive to only the best quality role-play across our entire network.


Being a server owner is difficult, we understand that.

Roleplay Evolved’s mission is to team up with our server owners to provide them with expert level guidance in the management of their server and player base. Awesomely enough this benefits the servers themselves and in relation the server’s player base by providing the tools, instruction and support through the ups and downs of server ownership!

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